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The Primary schools electrification program commenced in July 2013 as one of the Jubilee Government’s flagship projects whose objective is to facilitate the digital learning programme.
This program provides accessible, affordable and reliable power with the aim of implementing the Governments directive of 100% electrification of public primary schools by November, 2016.

The Rural Electrification Authority spearheading this project ensured that 95% of primary schools were electrified by June 2016. This is in readiness for the Governments programme aimed at integrating ICT delivery at the primary level. This will ensure that, with the fast technological changes, the education system in Kenya produces productive citizens who are competitive in the hi-tech global market.
In June 2013, out of the overall 23,411 primary schools in the country, about 10,157 had been electrified. By June 2016, 95% of the primary schools were electrified and to complete the electrification of all primary schools, the Authority put in place this program aimed for completion of the remaining primary schools.
This program is being implemented through grid extensions (transmission and distribution systems for electricity)in areas that are near the existing grid and also through provision of solar PVs in areas that are far away from the grid network.

This programme has not only benefited the primary schools by improving learning conditions and preparing them for the digital learning program, but has also improved access of electricity in households, businesses and other public facilities across the counties.
It has brought electricity closer to about 3.5 million Kenyans residing within the environs of the primary schools; once they get connected this will uplift their social status through use of modern source of energy for lighting and other activities
Enhancement of security once electricity is available
Improvement in communication through ease of charging of mobile telephones
Evolvement of small scale Jua kali activities.


Status of Primary Electrification as at 26/07/2016

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