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Supply Chain Management Department is among those that provide support services in the Ministry. The Department undertakes all matters of supply chain services in line with the instituted legislation. It also advices the accounting officer on matters related to procurement and disposal and consolidates departmental procurement plans into the Ministerial procurement plan. This department also maintains conflict of interest registers. It is headed by Deputy Director of Supply Chain Management who reports to the Principal Secretary. The current head is Patrick Meyo, Deputy Director of Supply Chain Management.

The Department is divided into three divisions as follows:

• Ministerial Tender Committee (MTC) Secretariat - which acts as the secretariat to the Ministerial Tender Committee. It prepares tender and contract documents. It also opens tenders, prepares tender notices as well as preparing monthly progressive reports on MTC matters. This division is headed by Principal Supply chain Management Officer.

• Ministerial Procurement committee (MPC) Secretariat and Operations – which is the secretariat to the Ministerial Procurement committee (MPC). The Division maintains and safeguards all MPC records. It is responsible for booking air tickets and venues for conference facilities. It also monitors execution of contracts as well as carrying out market surveys and evaluates tenders. The Division is headed by Chief Supply Chain Management Officer.

• Stores/Warehouse – that serves as the Secretariat to both the Disposal Committee and Inspection and Acceptance committee. The Division identifies idle assets, issues stores and receives goods. It conduct annual stock taking and certifies invoices and payment vouchers to suppliers. In addition it prepares monthly progressive reports on their operations matters. The Division is headed by Supply Chain Management Assistant II.

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