Effective management of ICT as a tool for enhancing efficiency in the provision of service within the Ministry.


“To provide high quality, customer-focused ICT for efficient service delivery”


The department’s mandate rest’s on the ICT functions which entails ensuring and maintaining ICT standards within the Ministry. It further involves facilitating rapid national economic growth and development through appropriate application of ICT for sustainable performance improvement, increase productivity, communications and provision of quality public service.


  • Implementing the e-Government which aims at automating Process and Services for efficient and effective delivery, access and meeting demands of its clients.
  • Acting as the Secretariat to the Ministerial ICT Steering Committee
  • Providing technical support relating to acquisition, development, management and other ICT resource decisions in compliance with official technical standards provided;
  • Providing technical operational support for systems and infrastructure including networks, websites, e-mail, databases and Ministry-specific applications; and
  • Providing user support and training on relevant softwares packages.
  • Developing and implementing an appropriate ICT policy for the Ministry.
  • Networking and spearheading the equipping of the entire Ministry’s appropriate ICT Facilities.
  • Providing the necessary ICT interface between the Ministry and stakeholders.
  • Updating ICT initiatives/systems in Ministry so as keep pace with technology developments.


  1. Enhancing productivity and reduce cost by improving the accuracy, timelines and speed with which the Ministry functions can be met
  2. Increasing information and data availability, thereby assisting the Government in decision making and in providing services to the public.
  3. Ensuring that the Ministry is responsive to an environment that is constantly changing as a result of changes in areas of laws, regulations, and interpretations and funding.
  4. Augmenting and improving the Ministry’s Information Systems including technical architecture (Connectivity, Hardware, Software), the organizations structure and Human Resource capabilities (Training)
  5. Evaluating new technology to determine if it will provide benefits to the Ministry in achieving its business objectives.

Customer Focus: Invoking Non Information Technology Personnel to meet the Information needs of the Society/Organization.