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Status of Electrification of Primary Schools in the Country


Oil Drilling

oil rigAn oil rig in operation at Etuko-1 well (one of the nine discovery exploration wells) situated in the eastern fault flank of the Lokichar Basin.

ERC launches self testing kits for petroleum retailers

The Energy Regulatory Commission today launched an innovative technology for retailers to test their petroleum products upon delivery. The device is known as the Retailer Self-test Kit.

An SGS officer demonstrates the use of self testing kits for petroleum retailers at today's launch in Nairobi.

The self-test kit is introduced at a time in which the ERC is making tremendous steps in eliminating illegal practices such as the diversion of petroleum products meant for export into the domestic market and adulteration of motor fuels with domestic kerosene. The Commission, through the Energy Act 2006, was awarded the legal mandate of managing the petroleum marking and monitoring program in 2009.

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